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  • Out Of Stock

    Due to an catastrophic error on the part of our fulfillment company, almost all of our books have been destroyed.

  • Moving warehouses, and holiday shipping

    Since we're consolidating stock of our print editions in a local warehouse, we're having a holiday sale! All issues just $5 through December.

  • Issue 5 Out Today

    Issue 5 is available today, with contributions from Eric Meyer, Kelli Anderson, Jessica Collier, Mills Baker, Heather Ryan, and Kate Kiefer Lee.

  • Hiatus

    Today I’m making public something which has been true in private for some time. The Manual is on an indefinite hiatus.

  • Shipping improvements

    Now, when you order a copy of the print edition through our online shop, you should find the shipping cost between 50—75% lower than before.

  • Our New Identity

    When we started working on The Manual, Everywhere, we knew we needed a new identity to show our path from print to digital formats. Brent Couchman of Moniker delivered.

  • A New Path in Publishing

    We’re taking a new path in publishing with a business model that invites you to pay – find out why we’re willing to take the risk and embrace the concept of willing generosity.

  • Preview Our New Ebook Edition

    We’re releasing a preview of our Issue 4 ebook, with Wilson Miner’s amazing article and lesson. Take a look!

  • You’re Invited: Join the Fellowship

    We’re opening our doors and inviting you to join The Fellowship – help shape the future of The Manual, get early access to everything we make, and receive special artifacts that only fellows will see.

  • Preview Our Issue 4 Audiobook

    Our Issue 4 audiobook is in, and Roman Mars sounds awesome. Have a listen — we’ve posted two samples for you!

  • Welcoming Roman Mars, our Issue 4 Audiobook Narrator

    We’re excited to welcome Roman Mars of 99% Invisible as the narrator for our Issue 4 audiobook!

  • We’re Launching a Kickstarter!

    We’re building an open, uncopyrighted web edition, as well as ebooks and audiobooks. And we’re using Kickstarter to do it.

  • Inside Issue 4

    Take a closer look at the six articles and six lessons coming in Issue 4, available for pre-order in late September, shipping in early October.

  • Issue 4 Arrives in Early October

    Issue 4 of The Manual is wrapped and will be ready in early October, and we’re excited to share details about the upcoming issue!

  • Designing the Ebook Edition

    Rethinking what our ebooks should be, and starting from scratch.

  • Typography and Typesetting the Web Edition

    How we chose and set web type for The Manual, and some observations.

  • For immediate release

    The Manual has been on somewhat of an unplanned hiatus. Today, that ends.

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