Shipping improvements

Since we relaunched The Manual late last year, we’ve been working to identify the barriers that prevent more people from reading and supporting The Manual. Putting all our editorial on the web for free, as well as adding various new editions, has proved a good first step. Today, we’re removing another significant barrier: shipping cost.

Now, when you order a copy of the print edition through our online shop, you should find the shipping cost between 50—75% lower than before.

For example, it now costs just $5.45 (USD) to ship a single issue to an address in the EU, where it used to be $15.30. Canada is now $9.68, where it was $21.25. Best of all, we can now get books to Australia and New Zealand for $7.43, where it was previously $27.10. (Keep in mind, a single print edition sells for $25 — quite the improvement!)

We’re still shipping books from our two warehouses in L.A and London, and we’re hoping to reduce the cost of shipping for some countries even further by moving stock to Toronto, Berlin, and Sydney in the coming months. We’re also close to getting copies of The Manual into a bunch of your favorite independent design bookstores — all across the world.

Already, the majority of our readers are enjoying our articles through their favorite read later service or on their ebook readers and tablets, but want to support further issues of The Manual by owning copies of our beautiful print edition. Hopefully, the improvements we’re announcing today, we’re making that all the more easier.

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